Review on JP's Music Blog -9/13/2016

YES legend Billy Sherwood teams up with Joe Schneider and Phil Tomczak for the duos new progressive rock outfit Middlesong. 

Their new 3-song EP titled "Directions," begins with the acoustic-based, up-beat folk gem "See Through This" which carries a nostalgic feel. 


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About Middlesong

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They head into more pop territory with the harmony-fueled "Rain To Sun," before closing their short 15 minute new release with six minutes of  progressive-rock delivered by "Directions In D Minor."

Joe Schneider and Phil Tomczak formed Middlesong in 2015. It didn’t take long to realize the synergy and soul of their collaborative songwriting! 

Middlesong music has heavy Prog and Classic Rock influence, along with hints of Folk, Pop and Americana. Middlesong's eclectic sources produce a universal sound that musicians and non-musicians will appreciate!

Joe is a veteran of the performance stage. Augmented by his guitar playing, Joe’s vocals soar with clarity, smoothness of texture, and deep feeling. He has great, natural instincts for melody and harmony, and a gift for writing lyrics that touch our souls in just the right place. Joe finds inspiration from singer-songwriters such as Lennon-McCartney, Tom Petty and Billy Joel. 

Phil’s love for music stems from the piano, influenced by the likes of Rick Wakeman and Keith Emerson. His versatility extends to the guitar, which plays a significant role in Middlesong's songwriting and distinctive sound. Phil's musicianship evokes imagery and will carry you along on the clear road ahead, or sweep you off into a surprising new direction.

Our latest writing project included Billy Sherwood, bass player from the band YES. Billy produced our EP "Directions" and also played bass and drums. The tracks were mastered by the sound master, Maor Applebaum! We are excited to be working with Billy and Maor and look forward to future projects with them!